Arriving in Antalya in 19 days

Pubblicato da Antonio 06/07/2015

first checkpoint of Sun Trip 2015

Arriving in Antalya just in 19 days from departure from Milan...

Very good travel, except the accident in Puglia of Fracois where I helped him to repair his

Trike and then start again stronger than before!

After days and days of good wheater begin to rain just after Salonicco and it will still be

rainy and cloudy until 300km from Antalya.

I have continued my travel just with 140 - 180km per day instead 200- 240 like in italy.

The three days of stop in Puglia and one in Salonicco were determinants to proced until

Antalya without rain so faster..That is the sun trip!

Next Checkpoint Cappadocia!


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