The end line Milano Expo Gate

Pubblicato da Antonio 09/08/2015

53days after the departure at the arrival ,9th position

21:00 29th July 2015 arrival at Expo Gate ,Castello Sforzesco ,Milan,Italy

53 days of life on the solar tandem across 10 countries , and 7000km (3500 in turkey) ,hundred of people known and over than 8 different languages heard,many  technical problem solved(started with not complete bike).

That's is the end line of an adveture but the begining of a new way of life and travel.

That adventure has demostrated that we can use solar energy also to travel on a long distance and for daily trasport.

Last days of the travel from Treviso to Milan 274km in 11 hours of cycling and with a cloudy weather.That explain the real potential of the tandem and his technology made by Photonpower -team that it is able to challege between the most powerfull solar bike of the sun trip.

9th position is the perfect position to let discover 10 different countries between est Europa and Asia.

So much time spent with people and to know culture and local tradition but just 53days.It means a few hours on the bike and more time for life and to live the travel with people and discover new places

Thanks to the high average speed of 33-36km/h per hour the solar tandem of Antonio De Chiara cover 200km per day in about 6 hours.We can say the fastest bike of the Sun Trip 2015 capable to cover 7000km just in less than 300hours of riding the best time of ever!!The best time of the sun trip 2015.

Solar bike can be a valid meas of transport.


Thanks to all people that it has believed in this adventure adn thanks to my sponsor in primis Solbian that they have suupported that challenge



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Antonio De Chiara primo italiano a raggiungere e terminare l'avventura del Sun Trip



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