Are 8000km enough? Next target...Berlin!

Pubblicato da Antonio 03/10/2015

2 months after the arrival at EXPO Milan 2015

28th July arrival at expo gate, the end line, after 54days of travel, crossing about 10 countries and about 7000km.

15 days of relax and then? come back home in the middle of summer? absolutely not!

so the travel continue,next stop Berlin,Deutschland!Thanks to the wonderfull performance of solar tandem...

1200km more but this time in 2 people ,using the real potential of tandem.My friend Giulio and I will travell for about 12 days across nord Italy , Austria and Germany , crossing alpes until 1500m ,with the worst wheater of ever!!

A new adventure, a new goal and more than 3400km still to ride back home...

You can give a look of last pics on:

a special thanks go to : SOLBIAN and Ecopolis-Italia,they have allowed the dream to travel with the sun to be real!

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